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Playing Up Rule


Play up Rules

In order to qualify for this program the following must take place

1.     A player must be recommended by a league manager/official in the form of a letter which is to be submitted to the board before the final day of registration.

2.    Once the letters is received, the player would then become eligible for the tryout session to be held on a specified date.

3.     Following the tryout, the managers of the higher league will vote to determine if the player should be eligible to play.

4.     If players are not determined to be eligible for higher league, they will be included in the league where they normally would have been placed due to their age.

5.     If certain players are determined to be eligible to play in the higher league based on their level of play, the Board of Directors will then make a determination as to the number of players that may play based on the number of teams that are going to be in the league and the number of players on each team. If a player is determined to be eligible toplay by the league managers, the Board of Directors may still not be able to allow a player to “play up” due to a restriction in the number of teams and players on each team

(a) Player moving up does not affect the younger age team.  IE: if the younger team is in need of players than no move up will be allowed.

(b) Player moving up does not take a position or affects normal rotation of a players positions of that age group.

6.     This determination cannot be made until the board completes its registration process to see how many players have signed up in each age bracket for that year.

For those parents or guardians who were thinking of managing for DLSA, you will not be awarded a team if you elect to pursue the “playing up” option for your child. DLSA must name managers prior to the tryout date so the managers can evaluate the players. If the parent or guardian of a child was named a league manager and then their child was to subsequently be allowed to play up, DLSA may not have sufficient time to replace the manager due to the timing of the league drafts.

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