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Coaching Responsibilities


Tasks for DLSA coaches

 General tasks:

 Obtain and keep current PA clearances

 Attend all DLSA board meetings

 Help at all DLSA sponsored Clinics

 Pre-season preparation:

 Attend a draft if more than one team will be formed for any given season

 Understand Deer Lakes events or other player’s events of your age group that will occur during a given season to avoid if possible game scheduling conflicts.  This includes open houses, concerts, first Holy Communion, days you cannot attend….

 You will be assigned field time for games and practices from the DLSA board member responsible for field schedules.  If you have a night preference let the DLSA board know as soon as you know.

Attend the Greater Pittsburgh Girls Softball League (GPGSL) scheduling meeting held at the Pittsburgh Power House ( to schedule the season’s games.  Times for this will be provided by the DLSA Board.

 Request a score book at the GPGSL scheduling meeting (for spring ball only).

It is recommended that you take a calendar (Spring: April, May and June) and (Fall: September and October) to the scheduling meeting.  Cross off the days you cannot attend and any days that you do not want to schedule a game.  Also mark the days that you have the home field.  This will help when you begin to schedule games with all of the coaches at the meeting.

At the end of the scheduling meeting they create a master schedule that is used by the head umpire to schedule umpires for all of the games so you don’t have to worry about umpires at all.

Pick up 1 dozen of the Greater Pittsburgh official softballs.  Tell them to bill Deer Lakes Softball Association.

Prepare a practice and game schedule and provide to all parents and DLSA board.  This should contain the team roster with contact phone numbers and email addresses.  It is recommended that a phone tree be established for any schedule changes necessary throughout the season.

Request umpire fee's from DLSA board to cover all of your home game umpires (see GPGSL information handed out at scheduling meeting for umpire costs).  These will be paid to you in a lump sum.  You must return all unused fees to DLSA board at the end of the season.

Request equipment bag with all necessary playing equipment from DLSA Board.  You will need to return the equipment at the end of the season.

Request keys for dugout storage and field box from DLSA Board.

Game day tasks:

For home games, you should be contacted by the umpire for your game the night before on the phone number you provided at the GPGSL scheduling meeting.  Make sure you get their phone number so you can contact them if the game needs cancelled.

Prepare the field by installing bases and lining the field (batter’s box, first and third base line, running lane and pitching circle) before each home game.  This can be delegate to an assistant coach or parent.

On home game days you need to check the field after a rain to determine if the field is playable.  It is your responsibility to call a home game off by calling the visiting team coach, Umpire and then your team.  You can use field dry or any other means to get the field ready for a game.  It is in your best interest to get the games in since rescheduling rain outs is very difficult.


 After the games insure both dugouts are free of trash, put bases away and drag the field.  Insure that all doors and boxes are locked. 

 Report any problems with fields to DLSA board.

 Have fun, teach new skills and enjoy the season!!!


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