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Equipment Requirements

We STRONGLY recommend that players in Intramurals and above purchase and wear:
  • Sliding Shorts- Also known as compression pants, they are worn under uniform pants or shorts.
  • Sliding Knee Pad(s)- Knee pads protect the knees and shins from scraps and bruises during play.
  • Mouth Guard- Protect the pearly whites during defensive play.
  • FACE PROTECTOR Especially Pitchers and infielders
These items protect the player and give them the confidence to get down and dirty and play hard. Below are some additional items and specifically what to look for when purchasing them.  If you still need assistance, please let your coach know and they will gladly assist.
HELMET:It must meet a few requirements:
  • It must fit properly, have a face mask and chin strap.
  • It must be NOCSAE approved. (National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment)
  • The NOCSAE seal must appear on the helmet as well as the face mask.
BAT: Make sure you get a FASTPITCH bat.
  • Have it properly fit for the player for length and weight.
  • We recommend you go light. Light bats promote good bat speed and a proper swing!
  • Make sure it's legal for use! Click Here 
  •  This really comes into play for travel and school ball.
  • Spikes should fit properly.
  • "All Turf" or standard spike is up to athlete.
  • Some spikes are available with the spikes at the front set in a circular pattern to minimize knee injury due to spike lock.
GLOVE: Should fit snuggly and be sized to the player.
  • As players gets older and settles into a few positions that she plays, the glove may be position specific, such as a catcher mitt, first baseman's glove, outfielders glove.
FACE PROTECTOR("D Mask"): Protect those pearly whites.
  • Optional safety device for defensive players.
  • Protects against bad hops and line drives.
  • Good idea for "corner" players,(first & third) and very good idea for pitchers.
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